One Stop Solution

LuxSurety bundles all components and building blocks within  Anglo East Group AEG starts focusing on jewelry insurance since 1972! , offering one stop solution for artwork & valuable pieces from door to door, across borders, and round the globe in a timely and cost effective manner.

Planning & Consultation

We are collaborating with a team of driven professionals and targeting our clients’ needs by providing essential and critical resources dedicated to our Business Community Auctioneer, Fine Arts Galleries, Collectors, Retail Dealers and etc , making sure all orders are well-organized in detail and deadline oriented. 

Risk Management

With 29 years of managing security and monitoring company, LuxSurety copies the “best practice” in managing risks.  Our team is dedicated and well experienced to ensure each single order are well coordinate with minimal risk exposed. In addition, it is our mission to ensure each of our customized solution comply with insurance terms & conditions.  coordinate every single order, ensuring every steps of handling comply with customs requirement as well as   Insurance Policy Provided by Lloyd's of London standard terms & conditions. 

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