Logistics Solution

At LuxSurety, we understand the crucial needs to store and transport the valuable pieces with care-handling and efficiency.   Our well rounded assistance provides  warehousing & logistics service dedicated to fine art and high valuable pieces door to door from & to Asia, USA, Europe, and UAE.


Our contracted warehouse meets all standard condition requirement including

1.      Air-conditioning & humidity control

2.      CCTV Security System

3.      Burglars Alarm

4.      24 hours video & signal monitoring by licensed Monitoring Centre in Hong Kong

5.      Inventory Management System

6.      Private floor with personal lift

7.      Electronic forklift

8.      Good location to airport & seaport

9.      Fine art warehouse with all standard condition & facility under insurance coverage, offering a home to store your valuable property.



Our fine art logistics can be divided into the following:

1.  Transportation vehicle

Armored car, armored truck and tons trucks are specialize to deliver art pieces based on client’s request(s).

2.  Air Freight & Sea Freight

We can arrange air freight and sea freight based on the given deadline, suggesting suitable shipping option(s) with a proper schedule for your review.

3.  Artwork Setting & Coordination

Our well-trained art technicians can assist venue set up efficiently and effectively.  From handling extremely fragile pieces to loading/unloading heavy lifted sculptures, our experienced team ensure work carried out in our LuxSurety Standard.

4.  Tamac Supervision & Courier Assistance

We are experienced to handle special shipment like antiques & high value art pieces & jewelry.  Our team can direct access to airport cargo terminal, pick up and well deliver to client.  We are also able to do courier assistance for foreign venue supervision, coordination and consultation.